Kray Z Testimonials !!!!!

These are some of the Kray Z Comments and Feedback we have received from our "Zany" Customers !!! We value your opinion...... Good or Bad (Mostly Good) and will post them all here !!!

"Love the shirts... And will be getting more from this site"                   -J. Davidson

"I Won a free shirt!!  Just for liking the facebook page!!  Now this site is saved to my favorites" !!!                   -M. Woolfe

"Got my shirt very quickly!!!   Very Satisfied with the quality of the shirt"                              -B. Tilesen

"Some of the funniest shirts Ive seen on the net!!!  Great Price for shirts"!!!!                     -D. Bricks

"Bought a shirt for my son and now all the parents at the daycare ask me where I got it from.... I almost didnt want to share my source"!!!!

                                                                                                                                                         - T. Smyth

"I love my shirt!!! and the ones on the site.... Some of them I cant wear due to the language but I am a collector of these types of shirts!!! My staff bought me some shirts last year as a gift"                                                     - A. Lamyssaire

"I have ordered 5 shirts already and they are like Tattoos... I just can't stop getting more"!!!!                       - D. Douglass

"I think this site is awesome!!!  It has come along way since it first started!!!!  Just wish I had more money to buy more"!!!     - M. Taylor

"Im a celebrity and I came across this site by accident... But I had to have that Mclovin Shirt!!!    -C. Plasse

"If you are looking for funny offensive shirts... Then this is the place to be..... Im coming back and buying christmas gifts for my whole family here"!!!!

                                                                                                                                 - A. Bengham

"This Site Sucks!!!!  Just kidding... alot of the shirts here voice my opinion for me.... My fav is the I love the sound you make when you Shut up and the ninja shirt!!!                                                                                                       - E. Washington

"I bought a shirt just to piss off my stepmom and to my surprise it was the conversation piece at dinner.... Now I got her ordering from the site"!!!

                                                                                                                                                    -K. Morris

" I love the site... I love the kids shirts... I love the halloween shirts...I love how easy it was to order.....I love how fast I got the shirts....Thanks Kray Z-Shirts"!!!!                                                                                                               -J. Kims

"I saw a post on Facebook and some contest was going on... So I liked the page and believe it or not I got a email that I won a free shirt!!!  I just knew it was a catch but because one of my friends liked the page it got me a entry and I won!!  I got the shirt in a few days and now I check the site as much as I check Facebook..... My shirt I picked was "Dont make me violate my probation" and they were right!!! everywhere I go people say "Hey Where did you get that shirt?"                                                                                                   -R. Fitzgerald

" Awesome shirt!!  Got it so quickly and will come back"                                                                                    

                                               -P. Falcoon

" I havent tried it on yet but, the website is easy to navigate to find the perfect shirt and delivery of the product was received in a timely manner"

                                    - L. Turner

"The messages are hilarious!!!  My friends love them and I cant wait to order more!!!"

                                                             -C. Smothers-White

"Could'nt decide on what shirt to buy its so many that I love... Narrowed it down to two and so I just bought them both"

                                                                     -J. Shaulis

Bought this shirt at the last minute... It was so cute I couldnt resist !!!!

                                                                     -A. Carroll

"I Too won a shirt in a contest they were having on Twitter... I just ignored the email cause I thought it was a scam, but low and behold I got a shirt in the mail now I'm ordering shirts for Christmas !!!"

                                                                     - D. Barger

"This site was a true life saver... I had no idea what to get my wife as a last minute gift for her birthday and low and behold a friend told me about this site... when she got the shirt she laughed so hard she almost peed herself.. Ironically they have a shirt that says that!!  these shirt relate to so many I'm surprised I did'nt know about it sooner... You guys rock!!!  and I will be back this christmas too!!"

                                                                                            - B. James-Monroe

"I Have'nt got to wear the shirt yet but it feels like really good quality.....The site is fairly easy to use... Waiting for more shirts and designs !!"

                                                                                                   - K. Tompakov

" Im a big dude and I did'nt think the 4X would fit me but it fits perfectly!!  I even sent in my picture!!  Im definitely coming back to this site"

                                                                                                                                               -D. Broach

"I love my shirt!! it expresses exactly how I feel.... I can be bossy at times but if you don't like it... Read my shirt!!  Thanks Kray Z-Shirts!!  I will come back soon.                      

                                                                                                                        -T. Montague