Kray Z Holidays !!!

This Section is for our Seasonal Shirts !!!!  These Shirts are only offered During the Holidays From Presidents Day To New Years Day!!! Below You will find shirts that you and your family can wear for the holidays or just about any time of the year. Give someone the perfect gift no matter the season. Shirts will be available in the "Web Store" during the dates below only. We hope you enjoy your holidays !!!! And come back soon....This section will be updated based on the Holiday Season so check back often!!!! Scroll Down to see the various Holiday Shirts.

Shirts For Halloween

Look around and dont forget to grab one for the kids... You can have them wear it under their costumes.... Or It can be their Costume !!!!! Not as Scary but we guarantee they will still get candy !!!!!! These Shirts are available from September 1st to October 10th !!!

Shirts For Christmas

Tis The Season For Kray Z-Shirts !!!!  This time of year always brings Joy and Merry Tides for just about everyone. Our shirts are adorable and raunchy!!!  Buy one for yourself, and one for each member of your family!!! The kids will love them!!!! The family will love them!!! Perfect gift for that special person that has just about everything!!!  These Shirts are available from November 1st to December 10th !!!!!!!!

Shirts for Valentines Day

AAhhh... Love is in the air. That time of year where you show the loved ones you care.....Be it Flowers, Candy, Vacations, Massages, Romance, Scented Candles, Relaxing in a Spa,  All those things to show a person how you feel. We here at Kray Z-Shirts believe you should not only express your love for one another, But express your love for EVERYTHING!! Theses shirts show everyone exactly what you love!! and because Love should be unlimited, These shirts are available ALL YEAR ROUND !!! You love bacon? You love boobs? You love yourself? You love that guy or gal that constantly gets you drunk?.....let all your friends and family know...Hell, If they love the same things you love... Buy them a shirt too!  Now that would be a match made in Heaven!!

Shirts For St. Patricks Day !!

Also Known as "The Feast of Saint Patrick"  celebrated on the 17th of March, The anniversary of his death. It commemorates the most commonly recognised of the patron saints of Ireland. The day is generally characterised by the wearing of green attire, public parades and processions, and of course drinking alcohol. We here at Kray Z-Shirts love that last part.... and we have shirts to prove it!! Show that Irish Spirit that flows in your blood!!  or just let everyone know how awesome the Irish are... Who knows... Wearing our shirts and hoodies you might just get "Lucky"!!!. These Shirts are Available from February 11th To March 8th !!!!!!!!!

Shirts For Mother's Day

We love our Mothers.... Had it not be for them (and Daddies) we would not be here to bring you such awesome shirts !!! Even though we have lots of shirts to wear with quite a few references to "Moms" We felt these shirts would be perfect for Moms to wear. These shirt are hilarious and can be worn by moms or even the kids!! Dads can be Moms too !! though you may want to buy a mens shirt.... These shirts are available All Year Round !! as were sure you love your mom everyday !!

Shirts For Father's Day

Father, The Breadwinner, The Protector.... That guy that makes sure mom doesn't go crazy (or the reason she is) Our Dads are just as important as Moms !! They teach us to ride our bikes and manage money and intimidate that new boyfriend your sister just got by making sure he cleans his guns the day he comes over. Show your Dad how much you care by buying or wearing a shirt that represents that awesome father figure we call "Dad" These shirts are also available All Year Round !! Because we cant put a limit on the love of parents. *Shirts are also available in Womens Too!!

Independence Day

July 4th 1776, The day the United States gained its independence from the Kingdom of Great Britian.... We as Americans celebrate every year with Fireworks, Cookouts, Beer, Pool Parties, and so so much more. We here at Kray Z-Shirts love this time of year (Mostly for the fireworks!!) spending time with families and watching the kids run around with sparklers, and Poppers, Or going to a gathering to watch the sky get filled with bright colors and loud explosions. We want all our patriotic customers to show how much you love your country!!! These Shirts are available from June 10th to June 24th

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