Kray Z-Shirts is a company owned and operated under the Crenshaw Enterprises umbrella. Our CEO, Antoine Crenshaw runs a family oriented company. Starting in early 2009, He created a computer business selling laptops and desktops with great success. It wasnt until he noticed an old school T Shirt with the "Thundercats" logo on it and that got his attention. He then visited a novelty shop in Amsterdam that sold keychains with funny messages on them and that sparked the idea of creating Kray-Z Shirts. A friend of his (who actually helped build this site) told him about a shirt manufacturer located in North Carolina Called "RK Shirts" who had access to Creating & Printing designs on shirts. Pleased with their printing process and quality of shirts, Mr. Crenshaw saw an chance to bring these hilarious shirts to the mainstream. So he bought a couple shirts to test, and sold them at local flea markets and stores in his area and his shirts became a instant hit! Word of mouth traveled quickly as people started reading the shirts and asking "Hey where did you get that shirt?!" and Kray Z-Shirts was born. Established in 2010, Kray Z-shirts is the flagship of zany apparel that started as a idea from a man selling shirts right out of his car with just a few shirt designs. Within a matter of months it became a full fledge business and needed an upgrade. Completely overhauled and updated in 2012, Kray Z-Shirts now offers thousands and thousands of shirt designs for Men ,Women & Children with various styles and colors to suit your needs. Most of our Shirts are for the mature humorous type but we have other shirts for Special Occasions, Political Beliefs, Seasonal and many more. Our warehouse is full of inventory ready to be shipped and we reduce overhead to save you money. Although we dont hire kids in a sweatshop to produce our merchandise, we still manage to save on operating cost so that we can pass the savings on to our wonderful customers. We know you gonna come back and so we are constantly coming up with new designs and revamping our innovation with a level of versitility and excellent quality that started Crenshaw Enterprises and Kray Z-shirts.

Then there are shirts like this one... This is a definite attention getter.. and though some may find it offensive, Trust us, we have some much much worse... No matter your taste or distaste, the reason we have been so successful is because WE KNOW we have something for everybody. Young and Old, Tall and Short, Big or Small... We got them all !!!!

We love contests and giveaways!! Be sure to check out our "Event Calendar" for updates on promotions and events coming soon!!!

This is one of our very first Kray Z-Shirts and is still one of the most popular ones. We have shirts that we guarantee were made just for you!!  Some, are straight to the point, thers are a little less subtle, and then some are just downright KRAZY!!! Buy some for you friends, Buy some more for your family and then buy some more for yourself!! whatever your motive....Its all right here.

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, or cheer up any persons day!! just keep in mind not all our shirts are clean and explicit free, this is one of our most popular "Toned down" shirts, It gets so much attention and so many customers love to get this one because it is a harmless cute shirt for the kids or Grandparents....Especially if their first name is Larry. Click on "Kray Z Kidz Corner" For more shirts for kids like this.

And of course shirts like this are pretty self explanatory....Men wear them...Women wear them.... Most of our shirts are Unisex and, Straight to the point. Our mission is to simply make a statement without having to say a word. Shirts like this are notorious for getting a double take or a quick chuckle from passers by. Even though we have "Toned down" shirts for kids, A hugh percentatage of our shirts are for the mature. Some are from famous movies or shows, Others are just down right nasty or even rude. Either way we have something for everybody !!!

We have Thousands and Thousands of designs and we will have them all here on display pretty soon !! If you have a design you like thats not listed here, Chances are it will be... Click on the contact us link and shoot us a email and we will see if we have it yet, Most likely we do we just havent posted it to the web site.

Here is a good picture of what the Womens shirts look like compared to the Mens shirts. Below you will find more designs !! some available now and others coming soon. Keep in mind you can also request to have the design on the back of the shirt as wellReady to buy? Just Click on Web Store to purchase.  Click on "Kray Z Kids Korner"  for Kids Shirts or "Kray Z Holidays" For Holiday Shirts.

 Ready to buy a shirt? You can put the design on the back of the shirt too!! Click on Web Store to purchase. Looking for a kids shirt? Click on "Kray Z Kidz Korner" to order.

We have so many shirts its KRAY Z !!!! and we have babydoll shirts coming soon !! and Tank Tops available in the store now !!!! Keep checking our site !!

Did you know we sold Hoodies Too?!!

Dont forget to check out our Celebration Shirts!!! We have shirts for just about every occasion... more coming soon !!!

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Remember: All Designs are available in Shirts, Tank Tops and Hoodies !!!!

Ready to buy a shirt? You can put the design on the back of the shirt too!! Click on Web Store  to purchase. Looking for a kids shirt? Click on "Kray Z Kids Korner" or "Kray Z Holidays" For Holiday Shirts.

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